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Behind the scenes I worked hard to finish my new info magazine. It gives you information on what to expect when you book a photoshoot wth me.

Here you can get it or email me so I can send you your copy.  Can’t wait to photograph you.

info magazine Hilde van der Sterren Photography

August 13, 2016

I met Nienke in Dubai just after we arrived in Dubai. She is such a kind women. She is a wife and a mum. Usually we would chat at pick-up time at school. She lived already a few years in Dubai so she was be a source of information. She is a do-er if she says something she will do it. I also love how engaged she is in her children school life. Prior to the photo session, I went to her home to chat about which clothes and which accessories we will use. I advise my clients to plan at least 5 outfits. We talk about different styles and the use of different style images.

Hilde van der Sterren photography Hilde van der Sterren photography Hilde van der Sterren photography Hilde van der Sterren photography Hilde van der Sterren photography Hilde van der Sterren photography Hilde van der Sterren photography

July 07, 2016

Quinty’s mom, Odile, saw my work in Dubai and she wanted to book me as a surprise for her daughter. Quinty would come and visit for a few days. She works hard at school and it was time for a reward. And what better reward than some beautiful images of your child. And it works both ways. For Odile and for Quinty.

It was really nice to have a chat with Quinty. She studies now in the Netherlands and she was brought up abroad. The same as my kids. So we could talk for hours about Dubai, the differences with the Netherlands. How is the Netherlands for someone who is Dutch but has not lived there before? Etc. Odile, I have told you before, if my kids turn out as Quinty, I would be so happy ;-).

Hilde van der Sterren photography wassenaar 2016-07-07_0002 2016-07-07_0004 2016-07-07_00052016-07-07_0006

As some of you now by know. We have moved back to the Netherlands. I am located in Wassenaar, quite close to The Hague. And I am still doing some session in Dubai as well. So Dutch friends, please contact me if  you like to be photographed.

May 27, 2016

It was such a pleasure to meet Ann. When she enquired about the shoot I always ask a bit of information about themselves. And Ann told me she loves the color red. So immediately we knew we had to incorporate this color. During the shoot we played the song Rood/red from Marco Borsato. I LOVE that song. So powerful.

She explained that she wanted to have ‘fier’ portraits of herself. I am such an advocate for that. She said that it looks like a “light” is switch on in the women that I photograph. And we will print some of these portraits quite big. To celebrate life, to celebrate the now.

2016-05-27_0008 hilde van der sterren photography 2016-05-27_0009














2016-05-27_0010 2016-05-27_0011 2016-05-27_0012


May 19, 2016

We often meet in church. She usually sits behind us or in front of us. Sometimes she wears these beautiful african colourful clothes. Which reminds me of my KLM days. I was a flight attendant for seven years, in what sometimes feels, a previous life. After the first service she usually helps with the children’s group. One day I had the courage to tell her that I would love to photograph her. I asked her to think about it. And I was very happy that she app-ed me that she would love to do it.

Loise told me she is from Kenya. With KLM I have visited Nairobi in Kenya a few times. I love the golden light that they get there. We spoke about having 12 siblings. What brought her to Dubai and what her dreams are. She wants to open a beauty business one day. And I am sure that day will come.

2016-05-03_0001 2016-05-03_0002 2016-05-04_0001


April 16, 2016

Daria came to visit us with her husband. She saw the images in my house and the idea was born to do a photo session. Daria is Russian and we have lived in Moscow prior to Dubai, so we had a nice connection. Her husband travels quite frequently so now he can take some images of his beautiful wife with him. I loved it that when I brought her her photo’s, she stared at them for awhile and said…. I did not know I look like this. I love looking at them.

Hilde van der Sterren photography daria 2016-04-16_0002 2016-04-16_0003

February 08, 2016

I loved to create the curls and apply the make-up. And of course it is always a bit scary to get your images taken. I totally get that. It was nice to hear afterwards:

The idea of ​​a photoshoot gave me a sleepless night, but it was 100% fine with me!
I thought this was beyond my possibilities, but you, Hilde, made it possible! Thanks Hilde, you’re amazing!
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Please have a look at my magazine (click here).

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November 02, 2015

This is what I love. Creating different looks. It feels a bit like a playdate in the studio. Trying on different outfits, adjusting hair and make-up, add a flower here or there, and then create different kinds of portraits.

Hilde van der Sterren photography, women, portrait, children, dubai, Hilde van der Sterren photography, women, portrait, children, dubai Hilde van der Sterren photography, women, portrait, children, dubai Hilde van der Sterren photography, women, portrait, children, dubai Hilde van der Sterren photography, women, portrait, children, dubai

October 08, 2015

I had a great afternoon photographing this gorgeous girl and her sister.

Hilde van der Sterren photography