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May 15, 2016

I met Oli Beer at a photography workshop in Paris, last April. We are both photographers and our goal is to make every person look good in front of the camera. So while talking about that process I came to know she is also a certified stylist. She claims style is knowledge and a skill, with other words you can learn it.

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After spending almost 10+ years in the tropics. I have to find my winter me. I almost always wear dresses. And dresses are easy for me. I had such a hard time in Moscow. No idea who I was in winter clothes or not in a dress. Needless to say bought a lot and I did not like it.. So I decided to sign up. I will learn that shoes, accessories, bags, make-up, hair, nails, phone covers – it all counts, it all plays a role to define your style. I don’t like shopping, so it will a real challenge. Till now I have two favourite shops where I go to. Especially Els helps (read: dresses) me really well, so no need to spend too much time. However I would like to learn more about it.

HIlde van der SterrenOli explained to me it will be a time commitment. Prob an hour a day or a day once a week. As any new skill it doesnt stick if not practiced. So she makes her clients (me ;-)) try every single piece of clothing they have in their wardrobe, take selfies, go to the store and try certain things on, search for that ideal item. This way at the end she knows that the money is not wasted, that the clients know now how to do it and that our goals are met. Yess!!

Also, clothes are emotional (just as food), so the process is a rollercoaster where people make discoveries about themselves, are sometimes down, sometimes up, sometimes exhausted, sometimes uplifted.


The styling that she offers with lasting results is a process. Usually around 2-3 months (around 8 chats), in person or over skype with tons of homework in between.

Oli says; I don’t dress people, I teach them how to dress for their body and their lifestyle. I also don’t push my aesthetics on others – we all have different tastes. So we figure out how the person “dreams of looking” (sounds familiar?, we do the same thing with photography) and what is most flattering for them, what kind of message the person wants to send, how they want to be perceived and then develop a style based on their aesthetics. Also, of course, we solve “the wardrobe is full, but I have nothing to wear” thing and make a quick and functional wardrobe where its easy to throw together an outfit that fits in any situation without having to think too much about it.

 So…long story short. Today we had our first consultation. We spoke about how you would like to be seen? Like, if you would have a magic stick, what words would people use to describe you, based on your clothing style. I think approachable, kind, friendly, positive. And who are famous people you admire, and why? I love people with a passion and people who stand for something, like Madonna, Angelina Joli. Style icons are more Jacky Kennedy, Funny enough Oli made the first observation that I admire bold statements but in my daily clothing I might choose something more quiet.

Now I am off to do my home work:

–  go through a catalog of images and putting them in different categories, love, like but not for me, don’t like

–  searching for every day images of me in the past (Hello Facebook, you come in handy)

–  and eh…. photographing me in my undies front, sideways and back (might leave that one till tomorrow….LOL) and no I will not share these ;-).