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Let’s start here. Let’s talk. I would love to talk with you to discuss how you would like to be photographed, what styling you would like,  from hair & make-up to what outfits will enhance your features.  Contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss how you have always dreamed of being photographed. No strings attached. Because let’s be honest, it is a bit scary to be photographed. As soon as a camera gets pointed at you, something happens on the inside… I know it happens to me too. So let’s talk.

Here is an image of Isa with her beautiful girls. I love the dresses they wear, the styling etc. It suits them. We talked…

Hilde van der Sterren photography

Behind the scenes I worked hard to finish my new info magazine. It gives you information on what to expect when you book a photoshoot wth me.

Here you can get it or email me so I can send you your copy.  Can’t wait to photograph you.

info magazine Hilde van der Sterren Photography

What  I learned from Oli about tops is beside the shape, that material/texture and the ability to drape is very, very important. Look at this t-shirt comparison. I must say it is quite some work to try on so many t-shirts and take pictures of them (thankful for my Iphone)))


But like with everything! Once you learn something it becomes easier. It is a learning curve. And I must admit I sometimes become more unsure about something. Before this styling advise, I would buy it because I liked the color and did not think too much about what to combine it with afterwards. The colour is important for combining but also the shape, ability to drape etc.

I have completed my basic t-shirt wardrobe (Banana republic and All Saints had the models I needed). So we moved on to shirts/pullovers and cardigans. And man…. that took a lot of time too. I know the best fit for me is the on the shoulder fit. And at the moment the shoulder fit is quite big and off the shoulder. I need it on the shoulder. Sometimes I would think one would be ok-ish (read: I liked the colour, but after I took the picture I could already see myself what was not good about it). Another thing with cardigans/pullovers, do they stop at your best body point (for me the hips)? A lot went over so, a no no. And for the basic wardrobe, no extra buttons/pockets etc

I learned Uniqlo is a good shop for me. These finds are golden, because in the future I can easily refer to that shop to get my basic wardrobe. So I invested in some silk touch blouses and merino wool cardigans. No cashmere as they are harder to layer.


(image from the Uniqlo website)

July 07, 2016

Quinty’s mom, Odile, saw my work in Dubai and she wanted to book me as a surprise for her daughter. Quinty would come and visit for a few days. She works hard at school and it was time for a reward. And what better reward than some beautiful images of your child. And it works both ways. For Odile and for Quinty.

It was really nice to have a chat with Quinty. She studies now in the Netherlands and she was brought up abroad. The same as my kids. So we could talk for hours about Dubai, the differences with the Netherlands. How is the Netherlands for someone who is Dutch but has not lived there before? Etc. Odile, I have told you before, if my kids turn out as Quinty, I would be so happy ;-).

Hilde van der Sterren photography wassenaar 2016-07-07_0002 2016-07-07_0004 2016-07-07_00052016-07-07_0006

As some of you now by know. We have moved back to the Netherlands. I am located in Wassenaar, quite close to The Hague. And I am still doing some session in Dubai as well. So Dutch friends, please contact me if  you like to be photographed.