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January 06, 2018

First of all, I want to wish everyone an amazing 2018. May your dreams & wishes come true.

Around 4.30 am I did not feel so well. To be completely honest, I had to throw up. Not the story you want to hear right. I know! It was not because of too much to drink. It was just a result of bad eating habits in December. I just love peppernoten and oliebollen (a Dutch treat). And it was then when I knew it was time to get back on track (well, I knew it for some time already, but anyways).

Back to the healthier days. In 2012 when we lived in Moscow I started a raw diet (fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds nothing heated above 42 degrees Celsius) and it was really good for me. I am diagnosed with Crohn’s disease so tummy pains were part of my life. But on the raw diet I was fine. I was able to maintain it in Dubai but when we moved back to the Netherlands it became harder. Maybe it was because of the Dutch food that was available again. Or maybe because of my husband still lived in Iraq and I took care for our children mostly by myself and on top I was moving my photography business to the Netherlands. The daily tasks like taking care of the house, the kids and everything else took over.

I did not plan to start this new regime of the first on January. In fact, everyone who knows me, know I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I think you can start something new every day.  But for some reason life chose the 1st of January.

Why is it so hard to give up sugar and white flour?

I decided to do it (again) not as a diet but as a life style;

  • Stop drinking alcohol (till the end of January)
  • No white sugar (fruit sugar from fruits, maple syrup, dates are fine for me)
  • To stop eating bread and other white carbs like rice or pasta (oats are fine for me)
  • And to focus on fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.


My go to recipe is:

2 bananas smashed
1 cup of oats
pinch of salt
1 table spoon of all spices/ speculaaskruiden/koekkruiden
a splash of vanilla extract
and then I vary:

a few walnuts
2 parts of 70% chocolate cut in small pieces
some raisins

or anything on this spectrum that I like

The temperature of the oven is between 150 and 175 degrees Celsius for 20 min (so it is not raw as it is heated above the 42 degrees.)

It gets me through the day easily. It is my breakfast, lunch, and my in-between.

Another one is a nice smoothie like:

1 banana
handful of (frozen) blue berries
a scoop of maca
1 cup or so of oats milk or almond milk

Mix it and I drink it with a glass straw (let’s spare our environment). You can buy them here

And I must say, on day 2 I had a bit of a headache. I am sure it was the withdraw (detox)  of the sugar. But I don’t have a lot of cravings.

By the way another inspiration for recipes are the books by: Amber Alberda and Rens Kroes. And if you have any tips or questions, please let me know!