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January 31, 2013

What to give for Valentine’s? Well what about a gift voucher. A gift voucher which is valid for 6 months

valentine voucher

January 29, 2013

I have started my ‘woman in you’ sessions. Meet Mrs. M.  She is a wonderful cook and she knows many delicious recipes. She shares her recipes and knowledge during her cooking sessions. During the woman in you sessions I ask you to come with 5 different outfits (like a jeans and top and some dresses). And surprisingly tell my woman to leave their shoes at home (gasp). Shoes make it difficult to pose.



January 22, 2013

They are married for nearly 50 years. So they know each other quite well. It was so nice to hear the things they had to say to each other after I started to ask some questions. I love to see howt the focus shifts off the awareness of the camera and it becomes more about them.

beloved shoot older couple

beloved older couplebeloved shoot older couplebeloved shoot older couplebeloved shoot older couple

beloved shoot older couple

I believe in this kind of photography because this is what matters. Seeing the connection you have, seeing the way he/she holds her/his head when you look at each other, it is so much more than just your camera face.

How cool is that!

I offer a new service that puts your chosen images from the session into your own app. You get a download link that will put your app on your Iphone (or Android) and/or on your Ipad.

This way you have the images with you where ever you go. You can even share them with family and friends.

your own app

January 13, 2013

So besides a new blogsite, the main focus in 2013 is on couples and women. In the summer I would love to do family sessions again but because of the weather and the traveling routine of my husband it is easier to focus on couples and women for now. Couples shoots can be done during the week (take a day off to do the shoot and then go to a lunch together?) or on a weekend day.  With the crazy work hours here in Moscow I assume couple shoots will be mostly done on the weekend mornings. I feel it is very important to celebrate the love you share. And wouldn’t it be great to have documentation of your love? Also for your children later in life? To have these images of your parents. But also for your self to focus on what you have.

couple shoot beloved b en s

Women shoots will be done during the week. Who would not like to have some nice images of her self? Time goes by so quickly and with the focus on so many other things it is nice to make some time for YOU. The goal is to photograph you in for instance jeans and a top and in a beautiful dress, like an evening dress. It would be great if you come in with beautiful hair and make-up. As I recently moved to Moscow I don’t now anyone (yet) who offers this service, but maybe you do your self? You come to my studio, and we go and create. If you like we can do some more boudoir style (google it ;-))

women in see

Drumroll……well is was about time to get a new website and I choose for a blogsite. Which means it is a blog and a website in one.

Please let me know what you think. The old blog will still be available under the menu button and it goes back to 2009. I decided not to copy all the content to this site, but just create a button in case you want to go there. It is a new year and I start with a challenging new white page, but not for long…

drums on Omani wedding