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March 28, 2013

It can so great to solely work with one person. Usually mum is busy watching everyone else in a family session. To see if the behave, if they are dressed ok, if they don’t fight with a sibling.

What I like about these solo sessions, we have time to think about you. Make sure you are at ease. Celebrate your you-time. Take the clothes you love and….shoot…

I guide in posing to make you look your best. We have a common interest, to make you look the best you ever.

March 25, 2013

Let’s be honest. Time goes by so quick. I was sorting out some pictures last weekend. On my list is to make a baby book for my son, who turned six last November. Luckily I have sorted the images well so it is not difficult to find them. If I look at them I remember the little things, thoughts that are triggered because of what is see in the images. That is what I love about photos. And that is why I love scrapbooking. I didn’t remember the love of my girls for nail polish for instance. And how they liked to do it them selves. And that you had special children nail polish which was easy to take of the table (and of the nails).

These layouts I made with product of my shop and the shops of my colleagues at

srcapbook inabluemoondesigns inabluemoondesigns scrapbook inabluemoondesigns digital scrapbook in a blue moon designs




March 10, 2013

Friday afternoon I did this lovely session. I am doing a course to get certified in a certain style of photography. And  I needed a couple to complete the first course. The timing was a bit of a challenge, just after a children’s party. And outside it was minus 15 degrees or so. But D & D were troopers. We went upstairs to find a quiet place and another couple stayed downstairs to watch the children. And as soon as we started talking, we got in our own little world. And later we stepped outside for a moment.

I ask all kind of questions to get past the photography smile and aim to get authentic reactions. Besides nice images is also gives the couple something to talk about during and after the session. And usually a feeling of appreciation comes. You know why you appreciate each other (again). In the rush of daily life this can easily be forgotten.


March 06, 2013

Coming Tuesday the 12th of March I will be joining a photography roundtable discussion held at Rosinka Restaurant. Please come to ask the questions you always wanted to ask. Hope to see you there.

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