January 10, 2018

In 2012 we lived in Oman. I think it was not long before our move to Moscow when I took this picture.

I remember talking to Lynne one day at the dressmaker about pregnancies. We were having dresses made probably for some kind of party. She had two girls and was pregnant with her third child or was thinking about it.

We have two girls and a boy and I remember talking about if you would like to know the sex before the birth. And if a boy after two girls was different than a third girl. We lived in the same street in Oman. But I think I took these photos while we lived already in our temporary home on Al Huwaisa and probably our container was packed or about to be packed.

That is what photos are doing to you. It brings up memories. This morning this photo showed up in my Facebook feed. I remember when I took it I wanted to make an image that would show protection, a family bond, parents who are there for their children, siblings close together, who are there for each other, the bond between husband and wife, you are in it together, you lend each other the helping hand, the beautiful beach in Oman, the love they have for each other. This is what family is about for me.

I hope you still treasure this image Lynne, I still do.