April 23, 2013

This movie is very interesting. It is about how you see your self and how others see you

What I love about Dove is how they always care about the real people, not the people who we would like to be in our heads (like slimmer, more beautiful etc.). I like how consistent they are in there advertising.

I remember a conversation I had a long time ago with a friend (hi Lisa). We both just had a baby and were trying to lose the extra weight. And because of the sleepless nights we didn’t look our best. While being in that state of mind an actress died in the Netherlands of breast cancer. She was our age and also just had a little baby. We spoke about how from that day on we would celebrate what lies ahead of us. And now on our birthdays we say, ok one year older (and yes another wrinkle) but we are here. We are here to experience life…and just had another year. Let’s celebrate that!