May 19, 2016

So one of the Personal Styling home assignments is to take a picture of yourself in underwear or a bikini. And not only to take A picture but one of the front, one of the side (do you hold your belly a bit inwards or not, was the first question that came to mind?), one of the back and one with your arms wide.

I understand why these images can be extremely helpful. You can see the shape of the body, you can see if you have long legs or not, or a longer upper body etc. So of course I would agree with it….. but I was procrastinating doing them.

Thoughts that went trough my mind were, what underwear to wear? Should I go for something fancy? But then, what about the one from the back? And what would Oli think, that I wear beautiful lingerie all the time? Which I do not as it is not always so flattering under clothes due to lace etc. Should I put on my more daily underwear? Or should I go for a bikini. But if I go for a bikini, I feel I chicken out.

And then who should take the pictures? My husband is traveling this week and I am not sure if I would want him to take them anyhow. This is a project. So I causually tried my eldest daughter. Sweetie, would you mind taking some pictures of me in my underwear. Ehhh WHAT? Well you know, I told you about this styling project. Yeah, but do you need naked pictures for that? NO I was talking about images in my underwear so Oli can see the shape of my body. Are you ok with that she said?

Interesting question. I had to think about it. Why was I procrastinating? Was it because of the image I wanted to create? Was it about being perfect, or wanting to be perfect? Or was it about what would Oli think of me? I felt vulnerable in my underwear. Vulnerable: body wise and mind wise.

I made the decision to go for it. After all, I tell my children that you have to listen to your own voice in your head and that you should not give away that control to someone else. Life is not about how you think other people (might) think of you.


So I went on and took the images with a remote setting on my camera. I took the images by myself and I did it in the underwear that I put on that morning when I got dressed. And I send them off. Done. Lesson learned.