May 19, 2016

We often meet in church. She usually sits behind us or in front of us. Sometimes she wears these beautiful african colourful clothes. Which reminds me of my KLM days. I was a flight attendant for seven years, in what sometimes feels, a previous life. After the first service she usually helps with the children’s group. One day I had the courage to tell her that I would love to photograph her. I asked her to think about it. And I was very happy that she app-ed me that she would love to do it.

Loise told me she is from Kenya. With KLM I have visited Nairobi in Kenya a few times. I love the golden light that they get there. We spoke about having 12 siblings. What brought her to Dubai and what her dreams are. She wants to open a beauty business one day. And I am sure that day will come.

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