June 04, 2016

Can I say I LOVE this whole styling process? I honestly think everyone should do this. And this it why. You think you know your body and you think you know what you like, but do you? I for instance ‘know’ I don’t like animal prints. So after talking to Oli about it she challenged me with a look book with animal prints. And you know what?  I love this image (below). I love the animal detail in the bag. And not to say that you need to like every trend. Like oxford shoes, are just not my thing. No look book could change that.


After looking through a few look books we found out there are 2 hearts beating in my chest for the things that I like: very sweet, feminine – almost girly and a strong, head turning and very elegant. Oli says we will do our best to bring those worlds together.

We also talked about what kind of optical illusions we would like to achieve with out clothes. This is NOT related to the style. We will put the tools that help me achieve those goals into a system. These tools can work in any style. So as far as optical illusions go, we will be working towards a slimmer impression in general and a slimmer midsection (not drawing attention to it will be one of our tools 😉 ). And I received my picture back (the one in underwear, blush, with lines where for my body the best place is to have a top end etc. Then the fun part started. We went through all my images of my tops. And Oli explained why some work and why some don’t work. She explained the importance of fabric. And that fabric that flows is much better for me than fabric that is more stiff. And that 3/4 sleeves work really well for me. After the consultation I immediately removed items from my closet. And I start to get a clue for what to look for. And more important I start to know why.


So it all starts with good underwear. What bra should be best? Oli explained in detail what kind of bra I should look for. I went to the Mall for FOUR hours and still could not come home with a decent bra. A bra that works for my breasts and keep the underarm skin (and back skin) to a minimum. I saw lot’s of cute bra’s. But they did not meet my criteria. The same for panties. I like the laser cut panties however they still do show a little under a dress. So haven’t found what I am looking for yet, but at least I start to know what to look for. Sigh, not looking forward to go back to the Mall again. Although I am a girl, I don’t like shopping. And that is another reason why I like this styling process. In a little while I know exactly what to look for when I go shopping. For now I am a bit disappointed that so many bra’s look nice but are not doing what they should do…

Can’t wait to discuss my dresses and my pants… It is Sunday already? 😉