June 10, 2016

Last week I spoke with Oli about my dresses. I made pictures of all my dresses and then we discussed them. We talked about what work and what doesn’t work. And I am really a dress girl. I love my dresses. Why? Because they are so easy. And that is some of the things I learned this week. I am the type of girl who goes to a shop if she ‘needs’ something new. I usually walk into the store and have a look around. I choose and that’s that. I don’t particularly like shopping.


With my dresses I don’t need to combine much. I have some cardigans and some jackets that go with some dresses. I learned from Oli that it is much easier to go for a basic wardrobe. All kinds of things that you can mix & match.

So after I learned what patterns do for you, what colours work, what lengths work. It was time to do my shopping home work. I had to look for basic tops (t-shirts, blouses, cardigans and pullovers). And they had to be in the basic colours like white, black, grey etc.  Well…. cardigans and pullovers were no where to be seen here in Dubai, but I tried a lot of t-shirts and blouses.

I was not allowed to buy anything and I had to make pictures of what I tried on. This week we will discuss the results. And I have to say; it is a totally different way of shopping. This way shopping is more fun and more convenient. You go in with a clear idea.

I think I start to see what I need from a t-shirt and a blouse. I need defined shoulders and a certain material. And I almost fell in the trap of a good sale. I saw a good deal in one of the shops for a Equipment silk blouse (50% ramadan sale). I quickly send Oli a picture. Nope, it did not full fill ALL the requirements but it was close…. Not close enough. I did not buy it.

Another cool thing was that Oli made sketches to show what works and what doesn’t work on my body.

(photo credits go to Oli Beer Styling & Photography)