June 25, 2016

Last week Oli and I had another session. This time about trousers/pants. I learned it is all about the curve from your hip up. And what different shapes do for your body. Also the place where the pants stop does something for your body.

Since we are moving internationally; it is an ideal way to clean out my closet. I learned straight legs and flared legs work for me. I need to have the right curve around the hip and not too baggy or too bulky. This is a great help when I look in the shops. I know what to look for (and the best thing is: Oli is most of the time, just a what’s app away ;-))))) 


And we looked at shoes. To be honest: I have nothing with shoes. My need for shoes was, it should fit an outfit. And then mostly the color and heels or no heels. I learned a lot. I learned what a heel does for your ankle. Where an ankle boot should stop (at your thinnest part). And that an open toe shoe should reveal 2.5 to 3.5 toe.


Flats need to have a define toe and heel. These are not defined enough.

My heels need to go down 90 degrees. No slanted heels.

I also learned which shoes should exist in a basic wardrobe. Since our consultation I already added two shoes to my collection.

A sneaker. Till now I lived in warm climates therefor I had not much need for a sneaker. But now that we live in the Netherlands I do. It is very versatile and goes with a lot of outfits.


And I thought, let’s be adventures and go for a shiny silver metal shoe ;))) Let’s be bold. Oli showed me several brogues and I just…mmm don’t really like them. I think it is a generation thingy. However I like extremes, so seeing them in silver…. I do like them. And again I learned how they can add to an outfit.