July 07, 2016

Quinty’s mom, Odile, saw my work in Dubai and she wanted to book me as a surprise for her daughter. Quinty would come and visit for a few days. She works hard at school and it was time for a reward. And what better reward than some beautiful images of your child. And it works both ways. For Odile and for Quinty.

It was really nice to have a chat with Quinty. She studies now in the Netherlands and she was brought up abroad. The same as my kids. So we could talk for hours about Dubai, the differences with the Netherlands. How is the Netherlands for someone who is Dutch but has not lived there before? Etc. Odile, I have told you before, if my kids turn out as Quinty, I would be so happy ;-).

Hilde van der Sterren photography wassenaar 2016-07-07_0002 2016-07-07_0004 2016-07-07_00052016-07-07_0006

As some of you now by know. We have moved back to the Netherlands. I am located in Wassenaar, quite close to The Hague. And I am still doing some session in Dubai as well. So Dutch friends, please contact me if  you like to be photographed.