August 13, 2016

After I sorted my tops, we dove in the world of pants/trousers. I learned it all about the base… eh curve ;-). The curve from your hip to the waist up. That curve needs to be perfect or close to perfect. Every person has another curve. I learned my pants need to be quite straight up. Oli explained that if you find out which brands have ‘your’ curve it will get easier. So again. I tried on a lot of pants. And it took a while but I found what I was looking for. And again, Oli is such a great help as I would app her my images, she could help me on the spot. I arrived to the point where I thought “ok this is good (enough)” but Oli pushed me trough to do better.

Another thing to remember is what kind of pants do you want. What are your goals? These were the pants (see image) I was looking for. It is easier to go into a shop with your goal in mind. You are not distracted with all kinds of other (sometimes lovely stuff).


(image made by Oli collage of images of different shops)

*** update I found TWO pair of trousers on the same day in the same shop. I was so happy that I took both. Such an achievement. One pair is basic and one pair is not so basic. And then Oli found another shop online which was a huge succes on many levels… among other things I found a perfect pair of jeans… stay tuned…