A portrait session is €175. This includes a pre-consultation, the photo shoot and the reveal of your edited portraits. It does not include prints or digital images.

My portraits start at € 225 and go up from there. What you buy is entirely up to you. My job is to take beautiful portraits of you that you LOVE!

In this time and age I think it is important to go back to printing your images. So you will get next to the print, the digital image of every portrait that you buy. Because let’s be honest, everyone likes to post beautiful images online.

Please send me an email if you like to receive my price list. And if you like to see more of my work (click here).

Some people wonder what goes into a session and why custom photography costs what it costs. This link explains it very well.

We will  meet/have a consultation before the photoshoot to chat about how you want to be photographed, or how you like your children to be photographed.


Beautiful home office interior. 3d render.