As some of you might know I studied Art History at the university of Leiden.

And the cool thing is that my friend Maundy, who is a fireball photographer like me, chose him for our next project. I cannot spill all the beans yet…. but have look ->

When I was in Londen with my fellow fireball photographers,

I had my photo taken. Not once, but six times by six different photographers. It was part of the game. And when these images  were shared on social media my Dutch past*

*Don’t brag, don’t show off, don’t display too much personality, don’t publicly show emotions, follow all the rules and regulations, don’t act like you’re better or better off than anyone else. (source

came creeping in around the corner. How do I feel, now these images are shared? Well, I was a bit like…oh what will everyone think seeing these images? Will they think I am vain? Is it vain to have your portrait taken? It was not the reason to have them taken in the first place…. If I post images of a client, it is ME posting those images. And this time I shared it on my own. One reason was to showcase and thank my fellow photographer who took the image. But is that strange, sharing these images on my timeline? What will people think, even the thought of (being brave here) thinking, will someone unfollow me for this? And how critically did I look at them (very critically, I must say ;-))

Another part of me was, I am very happy that I have these images now. I showed them to my kids and my husband. They liked them. It also made me feel, I somehow stopped time. There is a memory of me. These images are here to stay, even when I am gone or even tomorrow when I am one day older than today. Isn’t it the same reason why we love to take pictures of our babies/children? We want to document time, and change. Well, change does not stop when you grow up. Every day is another day. And I am worth it, like the commercials say.

So I took time to think about it. And after spending time with this subject I feel like it is so important to DO it, to have these images. We (the client and me) take time to create these images, we talk about it on fore hand. The same, as we did in London. I knew what to wear. I had my hair and makeup done. I wore false eyelashes (TMI LOL). It is not just an image, quickly taken. We carefully planned & prepared it.

You can say, sure you do because you ARE a photographer. It is your bread and butter. True but I also LOVE photography for other reasons. I love it because of the technical aspect. I love it because it is a way to meet wonderful people. I love posing. I love pushing myself to the next great image. It is the artist in me. And quite frankly that part does not always have something to do with you, the client. You, in front of my lens, make that happen. I need you to play. That is one part. The other (coming from my scrapbooking background) is wanting you to cultivate life, to give you beautiful images of yourself. Just because this second is not the second when you started to read this. Celebrate life.

Being vain is NOT the reason for these images. I will spend some more time with this subject in the near future.

(Images 1 & 2 by Chanon deValois photography, image 3 & 4 by Lauren Gregory photography , image 4 & 5 by Vikoria Kuti photography, image 6 by Christina Baldwin of Anthologie Portrait)

January 10, 2017

For some reason I am not so good with keeping updated on my blog. I am even thinking of going back to a more static site. I feel more people look on Facebook for the quick satisfaction.

But…. anyway I still want to show some of my recent men images. So without further a do..,;-)

Hilde van der Sterren Photography



October 28, 2016

In the beginning of 2016 I went to Paris, France to study under Sue Bryce. This event challenged me and taught me so many things about myself, my heart, the reasons I do what I do and my life goals.

We have since created a network of professionals called to come together in support, nurturing, and creation within our craft as portrait artists. I am both humbled and proud to be a part of this group.

It is with great pride and honor that I give you an international network of portrait photographers that I am so proud to be a part of, drumroll….the Fireball Portrait Photographers.

This year’s project was to photograph a dress like no other. A dress that has traveled through countries and continents.
The purpose of the project was to showcase how we are not your average photographer (or group of) but, an enterprise of skilled and passionate professionals that are available to photograph you anywhere in the world. We are traveling in January of 2017 to London to again meet, shoot, and celebrate the new year with one another, with our clients in one of the most magical cities on the globe. I do hope you’ll join us.

We don’t believe in competition, we believe in loving others, helping them grow and going after your dreams, becoming better today than we were yesterday with certainty and conviction.

Hilde van der Sterren photography

Let’s start here. Let’s talk. I would love to talk with you to discuss how you would like to be photographed, what styling you would like,  from hair & make-up to what outfits will enhance your features.  Contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss how you have always dreamed of being photographed. No strings attached. Because let’s be honest, it is a bit scary to be photographed. As soon as a camera gets pointed at you, something happens on the inside… I know it happens to me too. So let’s talk.

Here is an image of Isa with her beautiful girls. I love the dresses they wear, the styling etc. It suits them. We talked…

Hilde van der Sterren photography

Behind the scenes I worked hard to finish my new info magazine. It gives you information on what to expect when you book a photoshoot wth me.

Here you can get it or email me so I can send you your copy.  Can’t wait to photograph you.

info magazine Hilde van der Sterren Photography

August 13, 2016

After I sorted my tops, we dove in the world of pants/trousers. I learned it all about the base… eh curve ;-). The curve from your hip to the waist up. That curve needs to be perfect or close to perfect. Every person has another curve. I learned my pants need to be quite straight up. Oli explained that if you find out which brands have ‘your’ curve it will get easier. So again. I tried on a lot of pants. And it took a while but I found what I was looking for. And again, Oli is such a great help as I would app her my images, she could help me on the spot. I arrived to the point where I thought “ok this is good (enough)” but Oli pushed me trough to do better.

Another thing to remember is what kind of pants do you want. What are your goals? These were the pants (see image) I was looking for. It is easier to go into a shop with your goal in mind. You are not distracted with all kinds of other (sometimes lovely stuff).


(image made by Oli collage of images of different shops)

*** update I found TWO pair of trousers on the same day in the same shop. I was so happy that I took both. Such an achievement. One pair is basic and one pair is not so basic. And then Oli found another shop online which was a huge succes on many levels… among other things I found a perfect pair of jeans… stay tuned…

August 13, 2016

I met Nienke in Dubai just after we arrived in Dubai. She is such a kind women. She is a wife and a mum. Usually we would chat at pick-up time at school. She lived already a few years in Dubai so she was be a source of information. She is a do-er if she says something she will do it. I also love how engaged she is in her children school life. Prior to the photo session, I went to her home to chat about which clothes and which accessories we will use. I advise my clients to plan at least 5 outfits. We talk about different styles and the use of different style images.

Hilde van der Sterren photography Hilde van der Sterren photography Hilde van der Sterren photography Hilde van der Sterren photography Hilde van der Sterren photography Hilde van der Sterren photography Hilde van der Sterren photography

What  I learned from Oli about tops is beside the shape, that material/texture and the ability to drape is very, very important. Look at this t-shirt comparison. I must say it is quite some work to try on so many t-shirts and take pictures of them (thankful for my Iphone)))


But like with everything! Once you learn something it becomes easier. It is a learning curve. And I must admit I sometimes become more unsure about something. Before this styling advise, I would buy it because I liked the color and did not think too much about what to combine it with afterwards. The colour is important for combining but also the shape, ability to drape etc.

I have completed my basic t-shirt wardrobe (Banana republic and All Saints had the models I needed). So we moved on to shirts/pullovers and cardigans. And man…. that took a lot of time too. I know the best fit for me is the on the shoulder fit. And at the moment the shoulder fit is quite big and off the shoulder. I need it on the shoulder. Sometimes I would think one would be ok-ish (read: I liked the colour, but after I took the picture I could already see myself what was not good about it). Another thing with cardigans/pullovers, do they stop at your best body point (for me the hips)? A lot went over so, a no no. And for the basic wardrobe, no extra buttons/pockets etc

I learned Uniqlo is a good shop for me. These finds are golden, because in the future I can easily refer to that shop to get my basic wardrobe. So I invested in some silk touch blouses and merino wool cardigans. No cashmere as they are harder to layer.


(image from the Uniqlo website)

July 07, 2016

Quinty’s mom, Odile, saw my work in Dubai and she wanted to book me as a surprise for her daughter. Quinty would come and visit for a few days. She works hard at school and it was time for a reward. And what better reward than some beautiful images of your child. And it works both ways. For Odile and for Quinty.

It was really nice to have a chat with Quinty. She studies now in the Netherlands and she was brought up abroad. The same as my kids. So we could talk for hours about Dubai, the differences with the Netherlands. How is the Netherlands for someone who is Dutch but has not lived there before? Etc. Odile, I have told you before, if my kids turn out as Quinty, I would be so happy ;-).

Hilde van der Sterren photography wassenaar 2016-07-07_0002 2016-07-07_0004 2016-07-07_00052016-07-07_0006

As some of you now by know. We have moved back to the Netherlands. I am located in Wassenaar, quite close to The Hague. And I am still doing some session in Dubai as well. So Dutch friends, please contact me if  you like to be photographed.